1. Under the Tuscan Sun is the perfect cure for a really shit day.

    For those who don’t know, Under the Tuscan Sun is a transformation story based on the memoir written by Frances Mayes, in which she goes through a terrible divorce, goes on a gay tour of “romantic Tuscany”, buys a villa and rebuilds her life from scratch. Some of my favorite lines:

    Patty (Sandra Oh): “These are straight men.”

    Frances (Diane Lane): “Wearing tights. Throwing flags.”

    Patty: “Fantastic!”

    Catherine (Lindsay Duncan) is my favorite character in the whole movie. She’s an eccentric woman who loves big hats, ice cream, and childishness. I personally think she has the majority of the best lines in the movie, besides Sandra Oh’s “asscial” line.

    One of them occurs in a scene (shown above) after a dinner party while Catherine and Frances are walking in the piazza. “You have to live spherically. Never loose your childish enthusiasm, and, things will come your way!”

    Oh, and in case you were wondering what traffic lights mean in Italy:

    Frances: Don’t traffic lights mean anything around here?

    Marcello: Of course! Green light, avanti. Yellow, decoration.

    Frances: And red?

    Marcello (Raoul Bova): Just a suggestion.



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