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    This is what I talk about with my friends...

    1. R: *looking at dance curriculum* Let's see... "Bliss from 7:30 - 2 am." What's that? o.0
    2. Me: ...orgy?... or breakfast...?
    3. R: Okay, my mind immediately went to the Fry meme. "Can't tell if orgy... or breakfast." *cue sexy voice time* How do you like your eggs in the morning?
    4. Me: *equally sensual voice* Over easy

    eggs fry dance conversation chat oh dear 

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    During my phone call to the Uncles…

    Uncle Chase:

    "We’re having bologna for Thanksgiving…"

    Uncle Art:

    "No we’re not, we’re having turkey! I’m going shopping on Wednesday and getting-"

    Uncle Chase:



    Uncle Chase:

    "We’re having bologna. OW! HE’S HITTING ME!!! Agh, don’t moon me with that wrinkly old ass of yours…"

    Uncle Art:

    "My ass isn’t wrinkly!!"



    rofl oh family my uncles are fantastic haha lol dying conversation phone 

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